DVERSTY are hosting a series of debates to explore... 

Intentional Engineering

Over a series of three online events we'll be discussing how we have shaped society in the past, present and for the future

Have engineers really made society better?

Do you see injustices caused from careless engineering?


Does our profession enable us to be the engineers we wanted to become?

Can we still have the same cultures as the engineers of the industrial revolution?

Each week we will provide a platform for speakers to present their points-of-view, research, and expertise. After posing some controversial and thought-provoking questions we'll open up a debate amongst the speakers and close with an opportunity for Q&A from the audience. 

Join us to challenge the ethos that underpins the industry and plays an important role in society.



The Past: Wednesday 7th April
Historical assets and heritage - Do we understand our history?  

Should we be involved in shaping our present?

Ayo Solake: Chartered Civil Engineer, Project Manager and a Building Information lead at Environment Agency.
Lara Laemi: Creative Tuition Collective on decolonising engineering and science.
Aaron Matthew: Engineers should not be involved in history because we do not know about it.

The Present: Wednesday 21st April

Are we building and developing the right things in the right places? 
Making workplaces more diverse.
Can some negative impacts for some, ever be outweighed by benefits for others?   


Johannah Fenning: Discussing the Reclaim Brixton Project, which responds to government planning of urban spaces in relation to gentrification, accumulation and marginalised communities.
Rob Toon: 
The business case for diversity.
Jenny McLaughlin: Unlocking the purple pound at Heathrow Airport;  inclusive design within Construction Design Management.

The Future: Wednesday 5th May 
Whose responsibility is it to ensure that what we design, build and develop have positive socio-economic impacts around the world?

Joanna Tomlin: How manufacturing decisions and international supply chains dictate economies
Nav Sawhney: The story of The Washing Machine Project, demonstrating how engineering can improve lives around the world.
Zoe Henderson: Feminist cities, what are they and do they yet exist?