In Autumn 2020, during the midst of a global pandemic, with the revived Black Live Matter campaign on our mind and inspired by the additional benefit one can get talking about a book,  DVERSTY held our first book club.

The book club was based around better understanding what racism is and how we can become more self-aware in a safe space with a community of allies striving for the same goal.  

The Good Immigrant Nikesh Shukla

A group of us met online weekly over 6 sessions, each week covering 3 chapters from The Good Immigrant Nikesh Shukla.  The book collates 21 essays from "writers who explore what it means to be Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic in the Britain today".  


Some participants had read the chapters recently, some years ago, some listened but some hadn't at all.  Nevertheless we shared our thoughts, how did the reflections make us feel, did we have any shared experiences with the writer?  From our varying perspectives we explored the subject in the chapter and then beyond. 

Common themes came up each week, and new subjects emerged as our confidence to talk to each other and share our thoughts, whatever they may be, increased over the weeks. 

The Good Immigrant Cover.jpeg

What attendees said

"The Book Club honestly transformed my week for the better - I'm loving this new balance. Words definitely can't explain it. Such a good initiative & great book choice!" 

Book club attendee

"I enjoyed attending the book club although, I had not read the book. The brief overview at the beginning of the session helped me to comprehend what was being spoken about and understand how ideas within the book developed. Despite it being my first time I felt welcome to observe and to contribute and appreciated in the discussion. The questions posed during the session were interesting as they created personal links between the topics being dealt with in the book and our own feelings. It was a nice experience."

Book club attendee

What's Next?

We loved hearing people's views on the book and the ensuing discussions - and we want to keep having these with more and more people.  Whilst the book is the same, we know there are hundred's of views on it and it will keep generating new conversations.  So we're looking for new groups to explore the chapters with.  Let us know if your team, or group would like to take part in a series. 

Anything else?

We're interested in hosting another club on either a book, film, radio, or art installation. Let us know if you've any suggestions, or would like to be involved. 

  • The format will ensure that we create a safe environment conducive for learning and understanding. 

  • The members will stay consistent throughout the period to ensure foundations and rapport is built and sustained (but don't worry if you need to miss 1 session). 

  • The first few sessions will be hosted by the DVERSTY team, but as the weeks go on we'll open it up for others to lead some or all of the session if they would like to. 

We will operate a 'pay what you feel and when you feel' system. If you need any financial assistance with buying the source material, we can help. 

"The best part was hearing different takeaways from one source" 

Book club attendee

"The naturally inclusive format, allowing everyone to share their thoughts [was the best part was hearing.] Great discussions!" 

Book club attendee